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User Security

User Security



All the communication between the users and t-Risks servers is secure and encrypted with digital certificates, assuring that only t-Risk can decrypt any data you input when using the software.


Data encryption

All of t-Risk data is stored in encrypted form and only readable by its own software using the correct internal keys.


Passwords encrypted at rest

All of our users' passwords are encrypted at rest using hashing and salt techniques, meaning that even if data gets leaked, it is impossible to decrypt the password and reveal their original form.


2-factor Authentication

At any time, a user can link their account to a 2FA application on their mobile device (we recommend Google Authenticator). From this point onwards, all access will only be allowed by using not only the user's password but also the random key generated by the 2FA application.


Granular Access Control

t-Risk allows organizations with multiple users to organize their projects within folders and grant per-user granular access to each of these folders.



Data & Network Security


Secure production access

t-Risk servers are hosted on the highly-secure AWS Datacenters and are accessible only by our technical personnel using privileged and controlled access.

More info on AWS security can be found here:


Vulnerability scans

We run frequent vulnerability scans across the whole platform, covering both the public and private areas of the system, ensuring that any potential threats are immediately remediated.



Reliability and Data Retention


Highly available and redundant servers

t-Risk relies on different servers operating simultaneously, which guarantees that even if an isolated incident occurs, the normal operation of the platform will not be disrupted.


Daily backups

We take daily backups of all of our data and these backups are always secured and available if any incident occurs.


99.9% Uptime

t-Risk guarantees a 99.9% uptime, meaning that your operation will never be disrupted for an impacting interval of time. It is also important to note that t-Risk is a are web application, which requires customers to have an internet connection and a modern web browser for its proper usage.



Personnel Security Controls


Restricted production access

Access to production servers is restricted to only authorized technical personnel, via secure access keys, making any external and unauthorized access impossible.


All accesses are logged

All accesses to t-Risk and its infrastructure resources are logged and auditable.


No direct database access by non-technical personnel

t-Risk databases are private and secured behind a private network. External accesses are blocked by a firewall and the databases can only be reached by our technical personnel using privileged and controlled access.



Development Practices


Segregated environments

We count on segregated environments for development, testing, and production. There is no overlap or connection between the different environments, which prevents from eventual data leaks or unauthorized accesses.


Automated deployment process

Whenever a new version of our application gets ready for release, it is deployed to production via a tested and automated deployment pipeline, which ensures that no human interaction is required, minimizing the possibility of errors.


Code quality scans

Before any new release, all of t-Risk code goes through an automated code quality scan, which helps on preventing undesired behaviors on production.